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Saturday, November 18, 2006  

A New Look At Spider Robinson


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Sunday, November 12, 2006  

Obscene Temptations

Spending the time listening to Linda's phone ring pointlessly makes it tempting to make obscene suggestions here...For some reason Linda's stopped talking to all.
Today she started answering the phone and not saying anything, so I have to pay for the call, without getting to talk at all, boy that's irritating. So I hung on and left aessage...wanna fly to Jamaica? That would be fun...

Off to dinner, see ya.

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Comic of the day

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Top search engines in September 2006: Google - 45.1%, Yahoo! - 28.1%, MSN - 11.9% by ZDNet's ZDNet Research -- Americans conducted 6.6 bln searches online in September 2006, up 2% versus August 2006. Annual growth rates in search query volume remained strong with a 31% increase since September 2005. 879 mln toolbar searches were conducted in September 2006, accounting for 13% of the total US search market. Search engine shares in September 2006 Engine July 2006 Aug 2006 Sep [...]

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